Michael Corleone Blanco, Majix and The Pure Blanco Familia would like to welcome all the hustler's around the world to join us in our rise to the top, the legit way. Like the movie Godfather 3 where Michael Corleone transitions the Corleone family into legitimate business ventures, our Michael Corleone Blanco has the same vision for our Pure Blanco Family. We are searching the globe for Soldiers, Capo's, and Bosses to join our family & become top distributors! "El Mundo es Para Los Bravos!" said The Godmother, Griselda Blanco.
We are offering a way for all of you to make legit money and become part of our familia! We honor and reward loyalty.

*****SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT***** We are proud to say some of our distributors have turned this side hustle into full time jobs making hundreds of dollars weekly SELLING OUR CLOTHING!
We have 3 packages to choose from: (Custom Packages Available)
1) Cartel Silver - Buy 36 items & receive up to 40% discount. (choose any item)
2) Cartel Gold - Buy 60 items & receive up to 45% discount. (choose any item)
3) Cartel Platinum - Buy 96 items & receive up to 50% discount. (choose any item)
If you have any questions feel free to hit us up at:   Support@Pureblanco.com              
    ***** Special Pricing available for orders over 96 items *****
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